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Weirdest Custom Motorcycle You Have Even Seen

By February 28, 2018January 22nd, 2019No Comments

Weirdest Custom Motorcycle You Have Even Seen

What is the ‘most interesting’ (weirdest) custom motorcycle you have ever seen?  To start things off, here is a picture of a custom motorcycle that looks like “The Old Lady in the Shoe”!  Believe it or not this was in our hometown Grants Pass, Oregon a few years back.  It certainly drew a crowd and people slowed to take a look.  After you get past the awkwardness of having to ride in this piece of art, you must look at the detail.

Would you like to build a “unique” motorcycle?  To get started on such a venture ones imagination has to have the freedom to not be afraid of others opinion.



YouTube for how to videos

Magazine articles

Local motorcycle shop


Wrecking Yard

Craigslist for part or wrecked motorcycles

Local motorcycle club

Garage Space:


Security, you don’t want someone messing with you parts

Clean area to lay out parts

Welding area

Upholstery area (clean)


Motorcycle Registration Requirements: (example for State of California)


  •                Completed application for Title or Registration
  •                Vehicle verification done by CHP
  •                Statement of construction
  •                Proof of ownership, such as invoices, receipts, manufactures’’ certificates of origin, bills of sale, or junk receipts for major parts
  •                Official brake and light adjustment certificates, they will accept a “Statement of Facts” from a repair shop
  •                Weight certificate
  •                Emission control inspection (smog check)
  •                All fees due


Here is the link so you can take a look:

Does it still sound like a good idea?  You may not want to build a motorcycle like the one pictured but maybe a cool retro would be more your style.  The café racers are a sweet ride and the look is pretty trendy right now.

When you do finish your build don’t forget to get a Throttle Rocker to help with cruising on those back roads.  The Throttle Rocker will really help with wrist fatigue and pain from holding the throttle on your ride.