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Motorcycle gifts for that someone special

By February 7, 2018October 18th, 2022No Comments

Motorcycle Gifts

Motorcycle gifts for that someone special.  Where do you start looking?  I suppose it depends on your age and computer skills.

It would be fair to say that the over 70 crowd may tend to head to the local motorcycle shop.

A brick and mortar store where you can touch and see the gift, may appeal to some.
  • Time may not be a factor, enjoyment can be had wandering through a store.
  • It lets you know what is new and trendy, and you can take a peek at the price tag to see if it fits the budget.
  • If you cannot decide, then a gift card is the way to go.
Internet shopping for that motorcycle gift is a project in itself.
  • First stop may be Pinterest for an idea of what may suit the motorcycle rider.
  • Another good site for ideas is Etsy, just type in motorcycle gift and up pops all kinds of shops.  This site has many options for custom made gifts.  My recent experience with Etsy was great; it was a custom made item.  The seller had great communication through email and once I decided on the gift, I received it within 4 days!  I felt good about supporting a hard working business person, and the product was made in the USA.   I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that.
  • Of course there is always Amazon or Ebay.  But lately I have had to send stuff back, because I was not satisfied with the quality.  Be careful so many things are made with inferior materials from oversees and the quality shows. They may look the same in the picture but there is a reason ‘knock-off’ products are so cheap.

A useful gift for your motorcycle rider would be a Throttle Rocker.  It helps with hand and wrist fatigue while riding.


A one year warranty for breakage is offered and quick customer service, by email or phone.  Your order is mailed through the US Postal Service with the tracking information sent to you by email.

Problem solved, the Throttle Rocker, an inexpensive gift for that motorcycle rider!