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Winter Motorcycle Riding on Salted Roads

By January 26, 2018No Comments

Winter Motorcycle Riding on Salted Roads

Winter motorcycle riding on salted roads in the winter can be a challenge.  Motorcycle riding here in Oregon is rather fun, the roads are dry, except for an occasional rain storm.  We seldom have much snow, with the exception of  a few days on the east side of the Cascades.  News flash to Oregonians’ the ODOT has begun to use salt on some of the major highways during snow storms!  This began in 2017, in the larger populated cities but it is migrating to smaller towns and freeways.

So friends, it looks like we Oregonians have now joined our friends in the salt belt.  This is something new to us and a good topic to talk about.


What does that mean to you?  It’s a one word answer, corrosion!
The reaction of salt:

Corrosion begins when metal oxidizes, which is an electrochemical process.  If you need further explanation,

please feel free to search the web.

Water plays a part in the formula:

As the electrons mix with water, it becomes more acidic.  Bad news for your motorcycle.

Your action:

It only makes sense to clean the effected part as soon as you are able.  Do not procrastinate on getting this step done.


Before riding, coat metals by painting, galvanizing or sealing off any exposed parts.

Or step 2, don’t ride on salted roads.

How long will the salt stay on the roads once the snow has melted?

  • It depends on how much salt has been applied.
  • Many say after several days of heavy rain.
  • You should not see any white film on the paint or metal.
  • Beware of potholes, since they can act as mini ponds and retain salt/water longer.
  • To be safe wash every time you ride in the spring, until you are sure the salt is gone.

If you are a hardcore rider be aware of the new Oregon salted roads.  As for me, call me a lightweight but when the weather is bad I will be in a caged vehicle with 4wheel drive and a heater.

The Throttle Rocker Team