I’m writing to say that this is a great product. I installed it on my Vespa and took a long ride yesterday. Previously I had experienced significant wrist pain after a long ride (70 miles), but with the Throttle Rocker the throttle control feels very natural without having to over grip the throttle.

Also, I’m an industrial designer and the aesthetics are as important to me as the function. This is a beautiful, simple, perfectly designed product. Congratulations! Well Done! A great idea, perfectly executed.


“I bought a Throttle Rocker 2 about a week after I bought my 2012 Yamaha FJR. The throttle return spring is nasty strong & my hand cramps up within 20 mins. Throttle Rocker solved the problem! Riding is effortless & comfortable as it should be now. I highly recommend these rigs! Thanks folks, I love it!”


“Over the years I have tried various things such as different handlebars, mounts, filled bars with lead shot, etc. Nothing makes as big of an improvement as the Throttle Rocker. Without it, I start to get uncomfortable within the first 20 minutes. With it, I can ride for hours. I just ordered 3 more because everyone that I let try my bike love and wants a Throttle Rocker.”


April 5th 2005, I was run over by a tractor trailer while riding a bicycle, which led to losing my right pinkie finger,…… well, I didn’t lose it,….I know where it went, I just don’t have it any more. I also destroyed the second knuckle on my ring finger on the same hand, which required a bone graft.

Without Throttle Rocker, my motorcycling days would have come to an end. I have been rocking a Throttle Rocker on my Motorcycle since my crash. In July of this year, I rode 3500 miles over six days and my hand didn’t cramp up once.

Thank You Throttle Rocker.