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Motorcycle Helmet Camera

By April 10, 2018January 22nd, 2019No Comments

Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Should you invest in motorcycle helmet camera?  That is a good question, times are changing and if you ride the freeway or open roads it might be a good thing.

What are some of the benefits of having a video camera mounted on your helmet?
  • Road rage
  • Accident verification
  • Sharing your ride
What to look for when researching for the best camera:
  • Bluetooth Camera
  • Communication System
  • Waterproof
  • Battery Life
  • Warranty
  • Recording Time
  • Price
  • Unbiased reviews

Here is a review we enjoyed reading

There are so many cameras on the market today, so you will need to do your research.  HD is recommended for the best picture.  Memory, or storage limits should also be considered.  There is nothing worse than having a full SD card and having to decide how to delete your files.  The ability to air drop, or link the camera to your phone or tablet is a nice feature.

Beware of online shopping for this reason:  Knock offs!  Whether on ebay, amazon, wish, or other online sites, you will find junk from overseas.  They make their products look and sound like the original, and unless you see the fine print (or receive the product) you can’t tell its a fake.  We know because there are so many “fake” Throttle Rocker’s out there!

Have fun researching and playing with this useful asset, it will add pleasure to your ride.

The Throttle Rocker Team.