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The Appeal of a Vintage Motorcycle: Choosing and Buying

By October 19, 2016No Comments

Who doesn’t love the sight of a well maintained vintage motorcycle? We are thinking something along the lines of the Triumph TR-6 Trophy that Steve Mcqueen rode in “The Great Escape” Yes, it is true there are few things in this world cooler than a vintage bike. But where do you even start if you are considering buying one? How do you balance the practical (such as performance) with the desire for something really special?

The Not so Fun Part:

Make a budget. There is no way to get around this very practical and very un-cool side of things. But if you set your budget ahead of time it should save you the considerable pain of looking at and falling in love with something you really can’t afford. You may also want to have a little cushion in your budget for repairs and maintenance. Anything vintage will likely need some work, so it helps to give yourself a buffer.

Don’t expect perfection. We all have our ideal motorcycle, but remember this is a vintage bike you are after and unless your budget is unlimited you probably won’t find an absolutely mint bike with no issues. This would also be a good time to reflect on your mechanical abilities which depending upon your budget you may need.

The Fun Part:Enfield

Look around, get inspired. There are so many different types of vintage motorcycles that it may help to subscribe to a specialist magazine like “Motorcycle Classics”. Their website is a great resource too. Check out their website here:

Once you have had a good look around decide your style. What kind vintage style are you? More of a Honda CB750 kind of person? BMW R5? You may already have a brand you love, but keep an open mind. You just never know what classic motorcycle is going to catch your eye! Or which one may fit your riding style and wallet best.

Of course don’t forget your Throttle Rocker. We make different models so one is sure to fit your new vintage motorcycle!


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