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Taking Your Dog on a Motorcycle: Some Things to Think About

By November 18, 2016March 10th, 2017No Comments

Just one optionMotorcycle Riding with your Best Furry Friend!

While you prepare to take a relaxing ride on your motorcycle there at your feet is your furry companion waiting to go with you!  It’s hard to say no to such an eager passenger.  So you begin to think, how can I take my best friend with me on my motorcycle, rather than leave them behind? A dog on a motorcycle? How do you do it?

First of all is your pet of the mind set to try new things?

Is he not scared of the sound of your motorcycle? Training a dog to ride is no different than teaching them a new trick.  They will learn in a fairly fast time, especially if they love to be with you.  You will know if it’s right by their reaction to the idea.

Let’s size up your pet, large or small?

Starting with a large dog there are a few options. You can put a custom made rack on the back of your motorcycle.  This will require some thought, and time at the drawing board.  Fido will need to be protected and harnessed in to prevent him from falling or jumping off. Another option is a trailer; an internet search will give you sites that can custom make a trailer for your needs.  They can even match the color of your motorcycle!  Don’t forget about a side car, they are not just for humans!

If your pet is small, then a backpack will make him or her feel more secure. Make sure it fits snuggly and has no pressure points to make the ride a bad experience.  Some have even put a small plastic kennel on the back of the motorcycle.  Just strap it securely on the back and you’re good to go.

Dress them for the ride!

Goggles will be needed for the wind, try swim goggles or snowmobile goggles or better yet get them goggles made for them. Check out the doggles website:  A cape or a jacket should be used if it is cold out to keep them from getting too chilly.  Rain or snow, maybe staying home is where they would prefer to be.

What to take with you!

Remember to look after your passenger by taking food and drink along. Also, if you have a light colored animal and it’s a sunny day, sunscreen is a great idea.  Stop for potty breaks and time for sniffing!  You both could use the time to stretch your legs.  Also, to make the trip more comfortable for you, don’t forget to take your Throttle Rocker along.  It will eliminate the numbness and cramping from having to hold the throttle as you’re cruising down the highway.

As you become a team you will have the guilt free feeling of not leaving your best friend behind!