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Motorcycle Riding with a Passenger

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coast-curve-road-wallpaperMotorcycle Riding with a Passenger

A big responsibility for any rider, this is usually left to an experienced motorcycle operator. You are being trusted with the life of another human being.  Carrying a person on the back of your bike is quite different than transporting a heavy suitcase or other cargo.  Riding double can increase the bike’s weight by 20 to 30%. There is also responsibility for the motorcycle passenger. They need to know how to behave on a motorcycle.

We suggest that if you want to carry passengers, take a safety course.   A safety course put on by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is one option. Click here to find a class near you: MSF link

Not all motorcycles are equipped to carry passengers. Make sure you have a seat large enough to carry two people.  Extra foot pegs are a must for your passenger.  Make sure to check your owner’s manual for the correct tire pressure.  If you don’t know what that is get advice from your local motorcycle shop or do an online search.

Communication is Key 

As with most things in life communication is key. Here are some tips that may help you when talking safety with a potential motorcycle passenger:

  • Their feet should always be on the foot pegs
  • Keep feet and legs away from the muffler at all times
  • Must hold onto your waist or handholds
  • Must wear a helmet and protective gear
  • No sudden moves
  • Lean with the driver when turning
  • What they will be wearing, protective leathers are recommended


What you need to remember

  • Allow more time for passing
  • Watch your clearance when turning corners
  • Extra weight will increase the stopping power of the rear brake
  • Watch your speed
  • Refine your shifting skills, jerky movement will cause your passenger to lurch forward
  • Establish communication system, such as tapping


You should practice with your passenger in an area where there is not too much traffic or distractions. Make sure you are both comfortable before heading out onto the open road. Trust is key!  Don’t forget to have your Throttle Rocker with you. No need to have wrist pain while you enjoy riding with you bestie. As a reminder Throttle Rocker’s are available for the left hand as well for under $10.00, you will enjoy your ride even more. Throttle Rocker Webpage


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