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Motorcycle Tires: Proper Pressure and Tread Life

By September 19, 2016March 10th, 2017No Comments

Where the Motorcycle Tires Meet the Road

It’s all about the traction! Different tires have different uses, street motorcycle tires are just that, made for the street.  They are designed to give you a smooth ride and miles of wear.  But remember the road has a lot to say about how they will perform.

Weather has an effect

One of the factors that comes into play is the weather. Rain, snow and hail can reduce the tire traction by 50%.  That being said you will need to slow down, always reduce your speed in corners and limit your leaning.  Braking needs to be more gradual, nothing fast.  Double your following distance from the vehicle in front of you, you can slide.  Interestingly the painted lines can be slick too in the rain, if you have to change lanes do not ride the line, get off of it as soon as possible.Road-to-Castle-Mountain-261

Road Surface

While riding in areas where there has been patch tar strips put down, on a hot day, the heat can make them slippery by melting them. Caution needs to be used.

Tire Tread Life

That is a good question. It can vary depending on the type of riding that you do.  You should always do a pre-check before your ride, just like an airplane pilot.  Look at your TWI, tire wear indicator.  It’s a small piece of raised rubber inside of a tread groove.  Wear indicators are on nearly every tire sold to the retail consumer.  Sometimes a triangle or TWI letters are on the sidewall.  They will help you find the wear indicator in the tread pattern.  If your tire is worn down to the indicator then it is time to replace the tire.

Tire Pressure

Just like your car’s tire pressure needs to be checked so does your motorcycle’s. To get the maximum life and performance from the tire proper inflation needs to be maintained.  Go to the motorcycle manufacturer’s recommendations for psi.  Do not over inflate, also consider the weight you will be carrying on the motorcycle.  Such as luggage, passenger, and don’t forget your weight.  A tire pressure gauge can be found from many different manufacturers.  A handy digital one we have found is from, it is programmable too. Digital Tire Gauges

After you have done the walk around and decide you are good to go. Be sure and take your Throttle Rocker along.  That way you can ride with a relaxed hand and eliminate the wrist pain. This simple, inexpensive device will help you to concentrate on riding because your wrist is relaxed.  It’s cost is under $10.00 and a must have for long rides or even that short trip to town.  Throttle Rocker order page

Do not neglect to check your tires, after all that is the only thing between you and the road. If you would like to find out more about tire wear here is a link to Dave Moss’s video.  He has become a recognized authority regarding tire wear. “Dave Moss Tire Wear Video”

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