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Flying In, Consider Renting Your Motorcycle

By September 2, 2016September 7th, 2016No Comments

blue planeFlying, Rent a Motorcycle!

Have you ever thought of flying to your destination and then renting a motorcycle to tour the area?  If you have limited time then this may be an option for you.  The internet gives you limitless sites for your next adventure.  Once you have decided where you would like to go, check out local motorcycle shops to see if they have a rental program.

Here is one motorcycle rental company online that may work for you. Eaglerider Motorcycles has several locations to choose from.  The rental company will advise you on local and state laws regarding the wearing of helmets, however we always recommend wearing a helmet!  You may be able to download any paperwork that the rental company will require, including license and insurance requirements.  Check with your insurance company to see what is covered when you rent.

Try a different motorcycle

Be sure and ask what kind of motorcycles they have available to rent, you will want the right fit for your skill level and size. It’s always fun to try out a different motorcycle than what you are used to. You never know you may want to purchase a new bike when you get home.  The Harley Davidson Fat Boy or Heritage Classic are real popular or maybe a BMW K 1600 is more your style.

If you plan on being out for several days ask to see if the motorcycle will come with saddlebags. If not you may have to strap on a backpack.  Make sure you are familiar with the area by looking at maps or an app on your smartphone.  Internet sites can be helpful or check with the locals for their recommendations.  A small item you will not want to forget is your Throttle Rocker cruise assist.  It is an inexpensive device that is easy enough to bring along in your luggage.  The TR II model which attaches via a hook & loop strap may be what you want.  It will fit any size grip on whatever motorcycle you rent.  The last thing you want is wrist pain.

Speaking of luggage, to prevent lost luggage on the airlines you can always ship a box of your “must haves” to your destination ahead of time. It will be waiting for you at your motel or B&B when you arrive.  It is a small cost to pay versus lost luggage and a ruined trip.

What’s the weather like?Bikers in mountainous tour, travelling across Europe, curve highway in mountains, scene destinations, extreme transport, active lifestyle

Check the local weather forecast, the internet can predict 10-20 days out and be fairly accurate. Come prepared for all types of weather.  Rain gear or sunscreen it’s nice to know what you will need.  We hear February in Florida is great!

Start early, make lists and check them twice. This also gives you time to talk your best friend into joining you!  Good planning will assure your next motorcycle adventure will be enjoyable and trouble free!

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