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Tips for Riding in Extreme Heat

By August 30, 2016August 31st, 2016No Comments

Biker First-person viewDo you intend to go riding in extreme heat? Here you will find some motorcycle riding extreme heat tips. Most bikes can tolerate extreme weather if you can keep them moving so that air flows over the bike’s cooling fins and radiator. The rider also needs to keep cool. Here are ways you can keep cool while riding in extreme weather.

An effective way to keep cool is by wearing textile clothing, not weatherproofed. Ensure that the clothing is wet. The idea behind this is that the cooling effect resulting from evaporation can keep you cool regardless of the extreme temperatures. Also, pack some ice cubes in your jacket pockets. This will lower your temperature and the water from the melting ice will wet your clothing; you will remain cool for a longer time. If you prefer leather jackets, go for one that has zip-open vents.

Regardless of the heat, keep yourself covered. A crash does not differentiate between hot and cold weather. Also, long-sleeved clothing can keep you away from sunburns and windburns associated with hot weather. High temperatures and strong winds can interfere with your body’s sweating process but long-sleeved clothing will keep you from dehydrating.

Consider using a Throttle Rocker cruise control device to reduce your hand fatigue and prevent cramping. This simple and inexpensive device fits over the throttle and reduces muscle fatigue from constant throttling during long trips. [Available through]

Keep in mind that a breakdown in the desert can be critical – it can happen to any adventurer or off-road rider. What should you do if your bike breaks down in the wilderness? The best advice is to ride with a friend who can help you in the event of an accident or breakdown. If you are alone, don’t worry.

Note that water, heat and cold are major concerns, along with eventual rescue. If the breakdown happens during the day, the most important thing is to find shade. You can hide under a tree or a rock overhang. If you can’t find any cover, consider using your tarp, a blanket, bike cover, trash bag or anything else you can find that can provide enough shade.

During the night, the desert cools down fast. You can use your bike’s engine oil, gas from the front tank, and a spark from the battery to make a fire. Use your bike’s side mirrors to reflect the light to signal for help.

Important:  don’t drink the coolant from your radiator regardless of how thirsty you are.

Stay close to your bike and if you need to walk around, wait until evening when it’s cool. Always remember to carry sandals as they can be helpful during such moments.

We really hope these motorcycle riding extreme heat tips help you to stay cool on your rides in the heat.

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