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Pre-Ride Checklist

By August 15, 2016November 7th, 2016No Comments

Lying Man Repairing Some Parts of his MotorbikeIn the United States, the development and adoption of motorcycling has become a significant cultural and social movement. Motorbikes have a history dating back to 1869 when an article reviewed the history of the velocipede, a wheeled self-propelled vehicle. Races and endurance tests on motorcycles began in the mid-1890s. Later in 1921, modern motorcycles became an established part of American culture.

Enthusiasts either race or ride for fun. Whatever the reason, motorcycle trips should be fun. It is crucial to maintain a checklist of essential things because if you neglect these, the engagement could turn out not exciting at all. Distractions can be any minor thing such as the cargo door left open, forgotten earplugs or unchecked tires. Anything that might distract the rider’s mind should be considered in advance.

A brief pre-ride checklist to consider before inserting the key and igniting the machine:

First check the tire pressure. Have a look at the oil level, the tension of the chain, brake pads, steering head and wheel bearings.

Check the riding gear. When it comes to storing or keeping the outfits, everything depends on rider’s preference. There is no blanket storage policy. The most crucial thing is that gear needs to be kept in a way so that nothing will be forgotten. Some may find it more convenient to store their gear in the same order as they will wear it, while others may prefer keeping things in a different way. All are right as long as they can access every piece quickly and efficiently.

Consider investing in a Throttle Rocker cruise control device. This simple and inexpensive throttle assist will reward you by reducing your wrist fatigue from constant throttling during long trips. It slips right over the throttle and is easy to install. There is even a rest for your left hand to support your wrist.  [Available at]

Depending on the nature of the ride, there may be a need to add extra tasks to the checklist. It is important for street riders to maintain oil level, tire pressure and lighting of the bike. Ensure all the lights are working well.

Lastly, clear your mind of any negative thoughts. You might have just had the worst day of your entire working life or the nastiest fight with your spouse. Take some time and intentionally bring your mind back to the right place before jumping on the bike.  Some riders spend a few minutes alone for serenity. A clear mind on the road helps the rider to stay safe.

The routine checklist is essential as it helps the rider focus on what’s important and not have to wonder later if the maintenance was done or if the bike is in good condition while on the road. It’s a safety measure.

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