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Top Five Motorcycle Touring Equipment Items

By October 15, 2015November 25th, 2015No Comments

Setting off on the road with no particular itinerary and having several days to explore is essentially what all bikers dream of. However, you can only relish the thrill of an adventure tour if you are properly outfitted against the elements with the right gear. Anything other than that will leave you soaking wet, shivering and extremely pissed off. To this end, the following are some excellent pieces of motorcycle touring equipment you might like to try out this coming fall.

Dainese D-Stormer D-Dry Jacket

This product is basically a four-season riding jacket. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of adventure sport and adventure tour riders. The D-Stormer integrates a delightful tailored fit and at the same time offers enhanced versatility, especially when compared to conventional three-quarter length long-haul jackets.

It features a detachable composite shoulder as well as elbow armor. The armor is EN – 1621.1 certified. This jacket also comes with modular zippers in liners that provide optimal protection from rain while also offering maximum thermal insulation. These liners can be utilized together or separately with the outer shell to offer increased warmth and dryness in the event of bad weather. The waterproof part of this unbeatable combination utilizes Dainese’s patented “D-Dry fabric” that is also breathable.

Dainese Travelguard Gore-Tex Pants

This is also another vital piece of motorcycle touring equipment that you can’t do without. These pants can be seamlessly connected with the D-Stormer jacket via a full-width zipper. Just like the latter product, these pants come fitted with detachable thermal liners along with EN-1621.1 certified armor, which is located at the hips. This product comes with height-customizable hard shell pads that are situated exactly at the knees. In contrast to the D-Stormer jacket, these pants feature a Gore-Tex fabric, and integrate two zipped openings that run along the upper part of thigh for effective airflow.

Dainese Travelguard GTX Gloves

Having the right touring gloves can make the difference between a tiring ride and one that you will long relive down memory lane. The Dainese Travelguard GTX gloves effortlessly fit this bill. They have been crafted from the earlier-mentioned breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex fabric which makes up the inner membrane. They also feature an additional thermal lining. Both of these features when combined are in an excellent position to provide optimal protection from damp and chilly morning rides out of town.

The Dainese Travelguard GTX gloves are also notable for featuring highly flexible and thin goatskin reinforced palms. These palms are able to communicate throttle response and road feel in typically the same manner as excellent summer riding gloves would do. They also come with soft protective inserts that integrate reflective stitching. This goes a long way to offering effective impact protection for the back of the hand, while at the same time greatly enhancing visibility.

Dainese Carroarmato Gore-Tex Riding Boots

These are extremely comfy, breathable and waterproof riding boots that can also put you in good stead in your motorcycle touring experiences. They feature effortless on/off customizable buckles together with a Velcro fastening system. Not to mention full-length shin protection and nylon inserts located at the ankles and heels. Their rubberized soles are firm on wet pavement and can also absorb vibration.

Throttle Rocker

Finally, another invaluable piece of motorcycle touring equipment you can’t afford to ignore: the Throttle Rocker. This is essentially a grip control that provides full throttle control with a relaxed hand. It can greatly minimize the cramping and hand fatigue you might experience during long rides. You are assured of effective, easy throttle operation control when cruising with your buddies.

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