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Six Tips For Your Autumn Motorbike Cruise This Year

By October 31, 2015November 25th, 2015No Comments

Motorbikes on Mountain RoadAutumn is here and in full swing! There is no better time than now to enjoy the great outdoors from the seat of your motorbike. With the changing leaves also come stunning views and fresh earth scents, reminding us that winter is right around the corner.

The days are getting cooler and a bit shorter so there are a few things you will want to keep in mind on your autumn motorbike cruise.  Here are six tips and tricks to help you get out on the open road and take in the full experience.


#1.  It’s all about layers and leather

Yes, these autumn days are getting cooler but there is still a fluctuation that brings in some warmer days too. The first step to being comfortable on your autumn motorbike cruise is to make sure you aren’t too cold or hot. The best way to dress for these fluctuations is with layers – this can help you be more comfortable while out on the road. If you get too warm, take off a layer, and if starts to get chilly, then put it back on.  Break out those leathers – leather is durable and is great body armor for the road. It also provides protection from the wind chill.


#2.  Don’t take my sunshine AWAY!

With shorter sunlight hours it is important to make sure you are clearly visible to other drivers. Have your headlights on in low light or questionable weather to make sure you can be seen. It will also be harder for you to notice hazards like rockslides or other debris. Try to stick to routes you know well to avoid any surprises.


#3.  One less thing to worry about

If you have a weekend of motorbike cruising planned then there is something that you must have! The Throttle Rocker is absolutely a must for long-distance cruising. Say goodbye to aching hands, the Throttle Rocker can ensure your ride is smooth and comfortable. The Throttle Rocker is an easy-to-install throttle assist right in the palm of your hand. If you already have cruise control on your bike, you will also want to install the Throttle Rocker because it is easier to use and is more intuitive for cruising on the road.


#4.  Icy mornings

If you are a commuter or you just like early rides, watch out for early-morning hazards. Frost and morning dew can create slick roads and ice patches. Watch out for other riders and drivers on the road who might not be prepared for the new weather conditions. In case of ice, remember not to overcorrect and avoid riding too close to other vehicles.


#5.  Deer in the headlights

Hunters and scarcity of food can cause changes in the forest; animals will start looking for alternative food sources. This means they are more likely to move into more highly populated areas and rural roads. Seasonally, in Autumn there are more collisions with deer than at any other time of year so make sure you are keeping an eye out for them especially on winding and rural roads. Deer are most active at dusk when they are foraging. Make sure to scan the road ahead – their natural camouflage can make them a bit tricky to spot.


#6.  Keep your eyes on the leaves

The leaves are changing so you want to watch out for them. Not just the ones in the trees, but the ones that have fallen as well. Fallen leaves can cause a few challenges for your motorcycle ride, so make sure you aren’t just watching the ones in the trees.

The first thing to look out for is what the dry leaves can be hiding. Pay attention to their positioning on the road; if you notice large gatherings of leaves, they might be hiding a pothole or crack that they fell into. Try to avoid that spot, or slow down a bit. The second thing to be mindful of is wet leaves. As they get wet and decompose they can become very slick which can lead to sliding or even having to lay your bike down. Use caution and slow down in areas where wet leaves are building up.




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