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How to Pack For the Long Haul Motorcycle Ride

By November 15, 2015November 25th, 2015No Comments

Long Haul Motorcycle RideA long haul motorcycle ride is great fun. But, in order for the tour to be interesting, you should ensure you pack all necessary items the trip requires. The way you pack for the trip will make the trip interesting. To avoid omitting important items you will need, you should first come up with a checklist to use to so that everything is in order before you start the trip. Basically, you will need to plan for shelter, food, and clothing. All these are important because a long-haul tour will require you to spend a night out. There are also requirements you need to fulfill before you can cross border points. If your long haul motorcycle ride will extend to neighboring countries, then you should make preparations in advance to obtain the necessary documents for you to travel abroad.

Tips on how to pack for long-haul tours

Select the right suitcase

To ensure you can carry all the items you’ll need on your trip, start by buying or borrowing the right size of suitcase to accommodate all your belongings. Apart from buying a suitcase, you can buy a backpack to accommodate your necessities. In the backpack you should ensure you have packed all the necessary items you will require for your tour. You should have a section in which you will place snacks and clothes, and include a sleeping bag if you will be spending a night out.

Remember to pack a first-aid kit

A first aid kit is among the items you should always remember to carry on your long haul motorcycle ride. A simple first aid kit contains items such as band-aids, blister packs, compression bandages, diarrhea medication, gauzes, insect and/or mosquito repellent, iodine/hydrogen peroxide, small scissors, tweezers, water purifying tablets, and other items. A standard first-aid kit will contain most items you will need in any emergency that occurs on your road trip. You can decide whether to make your own first-aid kit or to buy one.

Check on finances

When on a long haul motorcycle ride you will need money for fuel for your motorcycle. In order to avoid exposing yourself to security risks due to carrying cash, you should ensure you have processed a credit card which you can use while out on the trip. There are many ATM cards you can use on several ATM points; those are the best if you are travelling on a long-haul tour. In order to avoid forgetting your card behind, you should have it on your checklist so that you remember to always carry it.

Carry items that will keep you comfortable on your road trip

When on a long haul motorcycle ride with a motorbike, you will need a Throttle Rocker to enjoy a smooth ride on your motorbike. The Throttle Rocker has been designed to enable you to relax your hand when riding the motorbike. The reduced fatigue, which your hand will experience, will make it easy for you to cruise long distances in a day with great ease.  Apart from the Throttle Rocker, you should also remember to carry a backpack rain cover to prevent your belongings from getting spoiled by sudden rain.

Clothes for different weather conditions

To ensure a smooth long haul motorcycle ride, wear the right clothes. Among the clothes you should have are reflector jackets, boots, long thermal underwear, jumpers and other warm clothing. It is essential that you protect your body against extreme weather conditions which can affect your health.

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