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Top 2015 Motorcycle Rider Gift Ideas

By November 30, 2015October 20th, 2016No Comments

Motorcycle riderIf you’re an ardent motorcycle rider, you most definitely enjoy the companionship of your biker friends while on the road. This also means you expect them to be up to par with you in terms of the various riding gear they use. Good equipment ensures that all of you can derive the most pleasure from your biking tours, and, more to the point – to stay well ahead of the pack. To this end, here are some gift ideas you might like to try out for your riding partners.

Scorpion SGS gloves

Riding gloves naturally play a central role and enhance the experience of the motorcycle rider.  They don’t come any better than the Scorpion SGS gloves. These products are noted for coming with numerous helpful features that effectively put them in a class of their own. To begin with, they integrate both a perforated and non-perforated leather upper and fourchettes. They also have kangaroo-skin palms that offer optimal control and abrasion resistance.

These one-of-a-kind gloves also have hook-and-loop wrist closures, and pre-curved palms and fingers. The latter facilitate optimal grip comfort while on the road. The Scorpion SGS gloves integrate a Kevlar protective interior patch together with Kevlar unstitched palms and fingers. These totally do away with the cumbersome interior seam feel. They also feature a TPU molded knuckle protection along with palm sliders that use the Knox scaphoid protection system (SPS).

Motion Pro 08 – 0048 chain alignment tool

This product is widely acclaimed for conveniently facilitating rapid and precise chain alignment. Its body effortlessly clamps to the back sprockets, which ensures that its alignment rod can implement the desired sprocket alignments in a time-efficient manner. The dimensions of this chain alignment tool are 10.2” X 4” X 1.3” and it wears a paltry 0.8 ounces.

Fox racing clutch wallet

The Fox racing clutch wallet is one of the most excellent stocking stuffer gifts you could ever give your riding mate. Not only is it eye-catching, it is also functional to boot. It is in essence a bifold wallet that features the well-known Fox logo on both its interior and exterior. This product is crafted from one hundred percent polyurethane material, which provides unmatched durability.

Bikemaster dial gauge with hoses

Tell your motorcycle rider friends to say goodbye to erratic tire pressure readings with the help of the Bikemaster dial gauge with hoses. This item comes with a sturdy yet flexible braided hose as well as extension bar-angle chuck. It also has a swivel-angle chuck that features a handy air release valve. This dial gauge can accommodate zero to sixty PSI size in one lb. increments and zero to fifteen PSI size in one-quarter lbs. increments.

River Road baron aviator goggles

The River Road aviator goggles are just what your motorcycle rider partner needs while speeding down the road. They come with excellent foam padding to enhance the comfort of the wearer. They also feature strategically-positioned ventilation holes to totally do away with the inevitable fogging. The River Road baron aviator goggles also have UV 400 ray filters, and their exceptional lenses are crafted from a shatter-resistant polycarbonate material.

Throttle Rocker

In the end, every motorcycle rider and enthusiast needs an excellent motorcycle cruise assist, especially if they regularly engage in lengthy rides. However, most of these products are usually hard-pressed to deliver the desired relief most riders expect. And this is where the Throttle Rocker comes into play. This remarkable product is basically a motorcycle cruise assist that can, in most circumstances, provide the perfect solution for preventing hand cramps, particularly on long rides. It is specifically designed to mold appropriately to the rider’s palm, and can help in completely eliminating wrist fatigue. The Throttle Rocker comes in both right-hand and left-hand versions. This will enable your motorcycle rider partner to select the best varieties that match his/her needs or even better – get one for each hand.

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