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Make Your New Zealand Motorcycle Trips More Enjoyable With The Throttle Rocker

By September 30, 2015December 5th, 2015No Comments

New Zealand is a beautiful place for motorcycle tours. They have long stretches of roads that offer scenic views of the countryside along with magnificent coastal strips, rivers, and even forests. It is hardly surprising that this South Pacific country attract quite a large number of bikers from all over the world who wish to see just what it has to offer. If you are planning New Zealand motorcycle trips, these are some of the most popular routes that ‘never fail to impress.’

For those who may not be in the know, New Zealand is divided into two main regions: the North and South islands. The latter of which is especially suited to motorcycle tours. The South Island boasts the Southern Alps that offer some of the finest mountain passes in the planet, together with the most amazing panoramic views that you could ever hope to see. This part of New Zealand is more sparsely populated than the North Island – that means more open roads, ready for cruising.

Motueka Valley

New Zealand Motorcycle TripsOne of the most trendy motorcycle routes here is the Motueka Valley that is located near the coastal town of Nelson, at the very top of the South Island. Choosing this particular route will allow you to bypass the main highway. You’ll cruise through beautiful fruit orchards, as well as stunning tree-lined rivers. That is until you reach Murchison, where you enter the Buller Gorge.

Buller Gorge

The Buller Gorge is by far the most popular motorcycle tour route in New Zealand. It starts at Punakaiki leading you on one of the most scenic coastal strips on earth. Once you arrive at Murchison, you can ride beside the alluring Buller River, and eventually cut through the breathtaking Buller Gorge.

Cruising Comfortably with a Cruise Assist

As you can expect particularly long rides like the ones above, having a cruise assist can make all the difference. A cruise assist can alleviate the crampy, burning sensation you get after prolonged riding. While also taking off the intense pressure exerted on your wrists, fingers, arms and shoulders from handling your bike’s throttle.

Enter the Throttle Rocker!

The Throttle Rocker was specifically developed to compensate for the inevitable flaws of a motorcycle cruise control mechanism. The Throttle Rocker is simply a device that wraps around your motorcycle throttle grip. It works by enabling you to comfortably exert a downward force on the throttle with the heel of your hand, no squeezing necessary.

With the Throttle Rocker you won’t have to squeeze hard on the grip to effectively operate the throttle. This action will minimize hand fatigue and cramping, most especially when you are on long rides. It also makes it convenient to handle your bike’s throttle even if you are wearing heavy gloves. Even if you already have a motorcycle cruise control, you can still benefit from the throttle rocker. This allows you to choose which ride experience you prefer, in the moment.

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