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Preparing your bike for spring

By March 15, 2016March 24th, 2017No Comments

Motorcyclists ride the Maloja pass, Alps, Switzerland.It was a decent winter, wasn’t it? We had a thick white layer of snow all over the place. The ponds were frozen, and the cold breeze was tickling our cheeks, and meanwhile, your motorcycle was deeply hibernating. Spring has finally come and now that the weather is optimal again, it is time to reignite the motorcycling spirit and begin preparing your bike for spring! But before you set off, it is important to do all the preparations, to have a safe and satisfying ride.

Prepare your bike

Preparing your bike should be a passion as well. Take care of your baby, starting with basic cleanings. Take off the bike cover, clean and store it. Applying a pre-wash and thoroughly washing your bike is recommended. After that, dry it or apply an after-wash product. Have in mind that some parts of the bike require specific treatment. Use a special leather cleaner to maintain the shine and texture of your leather components. At last, the aesthetic part is important, so polish all painted and chrome parts and apply wax if needed. You want your machine to shine.

Checking the battery terminals is important. If needed, clean them with baking soda. Installing the battery is a must (positive/red lead first), of course. Things might have become a bit rigid, so check your oil status and lubricate the cables so that they can work without obstacles. Safety first they say, so brakes are extremely important. Make sure to test out your brake pads and check the status of your brake fluid. At last, check tires and tire pressure. They could have deflated a bit during the winter.

As you see, preparing your bike mean staking care of multiple things. If you did all required preparations, do not rush. Your riding skills might have rusted out a bit. Don’t forget to put on your Throttle Rocker, so your hands don’t fatigue. Check to make sure everything is working properly. Then your off enjoy your ride!

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