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Mobile Apps for Motorcyclists

By April 30, 2016January 4th, 2017No Comments

Bikers in mountainous tour, travelling across Europe, curve highway in mountains, scene destinations, extreme transport, active lifestyleIn the 21st century not even the average motorcyclist can evade the benefits of impressive technological development. While it is true that no motorcyclist should turn into the average “smartphone zombie” (do not even think about tapping on your phone while riding your bike). There are amazing mobile apps for motorcyclists which can provide you with essential information and tips, hence making your ride a lot safer! Grab a Throttle Rocker so your hands don’t fatigue, install these apps and go for a safe ride!

Waze (iOS and Android)

There is a good reason why this app is popular among drivers, as well as motorcycle riders. While the good old navigation and map systems show you destinations and paths, Waze additionally integrates social features. Waze provides you with various information such as real-time speed traps, accidents on the road, traffic jams and fuel prices, all of which are reported by other people on the road. Waze also saves your routes, which you can share with your motorcycle-loving friends. The perfect solution for group riding!

FuelLog (Android only)

While orientation is significant, so is checking your fuel consumption.  This app is one of the best answers to fuel consumption calculations. It provides you with information regarding fuel cost and vehicle maintenance though those are just the basics. This app can also calculate the average cost of fuel per unit of distance or your fuel consumption per month/year, distance travelled and much more!

Pocket First Aid & CPR (iOS and Android)

“Safety first!” they say. The same applies to motorcyclists who have this potentially life-saving app installed on their phone. A critical injury or a heart attack is the last thing someone wants while travelling. This app contains clear instructions on what to do in case of an emergency. Besides pure text, it contains various illustrations and instructional videos, making sure you do the right thing in the shortest amount of time.

Eat Sleep Ride (iOS and Android)

Most apps are specialized for a certain task. This one is a universal “all-in-one” app which does a lot: ranging from route tracking, sharing routes with friends, speed checking, reporting accidents, etc.  Its most impressive feature is “CRASHLIGHT”, which reports traffic accidents by using your accelerometer. The good thing is that CRASHLIGHT automatically alerts all your contacts after detecting a crash, unless you close it manually. This app is a helpful tool for all vigilant motorcyclists.

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