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Motorcycle safety

By February 29, 2016No Comments

motorcycle safetyResponsibility is the most important tenet of trail riding.  Safety is determined solely on the action of the rider and must always be the first and foremost consideration. Never ride without a helmet and familiarize yourself with the restrictions of your bike. Riders must always observe posted signs and heed warnings. Solo trips should be avoided, as it can leave riders stranded in the event of an accident or disabled vehicle. Riders should keep their eyes on the road and be sure to drive around (not over) obstacles.

Planning is a key consideration when setting out for a trail ride. Roads and trails may not be well marked, so it’s important to orient yourself to the geography of the area. As you ride, take note of key landmarks so that you can easily find your way to safety if you become lost.

Always leave the area you ride in a better condition than how you found it–never dispose of your waste or litter on the trail; it’s a good practice to carry trash bags with you to pack out trash that may have been left by other irresponsible riders.

Respect should always be given to roads and trails. Never bypass switchbacks; they exist to impede erosion which could otherwise cause the hillside to fail. Also be respectful of others—give consideration to groups who may be enjoying the solitude of their surroundings. Keep speeds low and noise to a minimum when in populated areas.

Staying safe includes equipping yourself with proper gear. Many riders experience hand fatigue caused by continuous gripping of the throttle. This problem is easily solved by installing a Throttle Rocker on your bike. The Throttle Rocker is an important piece of gear for all riders. It wraps around the grip of your motorcycle’s throttle and uses the downward pressure of your hand on the comfortable, contoured portion of the Throttle Rocker creating a rotating grip which doesn’t require such a strong grip to operate the throttle.

Throttle Rocker prevents grip slip caused by finger fatigue. The Throttle Rocker eliminates the need to constantly reposition your hand in order to maintain speed, and allows the rider to operate the control with a relaxed hand. Throttle Rocker is not cruise control—it is an essential piece of riding equipment that will make your long trail rides more enjoyable by eliminating the discomfort caused by cramping and fatigue.



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