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Oregon motorcycle routes

By February 15, 2016December 23rd, 2016No Comments

Oregon motorcycle routesOregon is a motorcyclists dream come true. Many of America’s favorite motorcycle routes are located in this wild and scenic region. Oregon offers riders of all types and skill levels a wide range of jaw-dropping scenery.

The Coast

The Oregon Coast has long been revered as one of our nation’s most picturesque stretches of shoreline. Visitors who wish to explore the Oregon Coast by motorcycle are rewarded with over 360 miles of incredible coastal views.

The Cascades

The Oregon Cascades are another extraordinary stretch to explore. The region is home to 7 different national forests. It is also dotted with regal mountain views, such as Oregon’s highest peak, Mount Hood. Crater Lake is located at the southern end of the Cascades. A breathtakingly beautiful lake that is well worth exploring.

Eastern Oregon

The rugged, eastern side of Oregon offers motorcyclists vast open spaces comprised of high deserts with deep river canyons. The scenic byways of eastern Oregon offer riders amazing views and thrilling roads.

While Oregon’s highways offer riders beautiful scenery, the twists and turns of the roadways often leave riders with hand fatigue from continuously gripping the throttle. Many Oregon motorcyclists have found a solution to this problem by installing a Throttle Rocker on their motorcycles.

While cruise control is a helpful feature for straight, open roads, Oregon explorers often find that it is not suitable for the winding roads of Oregon. The Throttle Rocker is an essential piece of riding equipment that will make exploring Oregon more enjoyable by eliminating the discomfort caused by hand cramping and fatigue.

Before your tour of Oregon, make sure your ride will be as comfortable as possible by equipping your bike with a Throttle Rocker. Your ride will be much more enjoyable when you are able to operate the controls with a relaxed hand. Don’t ride another mile without the Throttle Rocker.

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