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Motorcycle Windshield: To Have or To Have Not

By March 17, 2017No Comments

This has been up for discussion by many a biker.  Opinions are all over the place when you start asking your friends.  Some say you lose the cool factor when you put a shield or screen on the front of your bike.  Others swear by them because they cut down on the wind, gravel and bugs.  It depends on you and your motorcycle, windshield design, and how you like to sit on your bike.

Questions to think about
  • Fit
  • Tinted or Clear
  • Removable or Permanent
One creative solution:Biker rides a motorcycle in the rain. First-person view.

It may be hard to find the right fit for your bike.  The shield may not be the right height for your model and stature, what would be a solution?  One solution is to approach your local glass shop. A friend of ours, who has a Harley Fat Boy, did just that. He took it to our local, friendly glass shop and asked if they dealt in plastics.  The owner, a personal friend, said bring it in and let’s take a look.  After determining the type of plastic, polycarbonate or acrylic, he started the project.  He covered the windshield with a plastic covering, white contact paper, and cut it down to the correct height and put a polished edge on the cut side.  Perfect, no longer a stock windshield, but a custom perfect fit for his Harley Fat Boy that he could see over.  It served him well for many years. But a word of caution: not all glass shops will be willing to do this and be prepared if they do, that they may not replace the windshield if something goes wrong.

A few other ideas:

On the other hand some readers prefer a good helmet with a full face shield and tight jacket to keep that wind from making it unbearable to ride.  They just lean back and enjoy the ride.

One of the times a windshield is nice is in the rain or the dead of winter.  It may take some getting used to at highway speeds or if you have a passing big rig and get that burst of wind.  As long as you are aware it’s part of the experience.

A good compromise is a removable windshield.  These days you can find a fit for your motorcycle that easily comes off with swivels clips.

Here is a quick link from ehow on how to measure for your windshield:

Another option that will make the ride more comfortable is to add a Throttle Rocker to the grip, this handy device will help with wrist fatigue.  It comes for both right and left grips!

Enjoy the ride!