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Buying a Used Motorcycle

By April 3, 2017No Comments

As you leave the showroom of your local dealership you wonder, should I investigate buying a used motorcycle?  Not a bad idea, if nothing else it will help you make sure you are making the right choice.

What should you be looking at when shopping for a used motorcycle?

Brand & Model

You may already have this in mind if you have shopped in the showroom. Or maybe you have a friend that can guide you with the best choice.


What is your budget?  Do you need financing?  Cash is king!  Glance at Cycle Trader or craigslist for your area.


Mileage of course will help you see how much life is left on the motorcycle.  But remember to consider, has it been sitting in a garage and not running, is that why the miles are low?  If it’s not been run regularly that might not be a good thing. Sometimes the worst thing is for an engine to sit.  How are the foot pegs and are the tires worn?  Check the oil for grit and that it is full.  Is the bike clean? If so, great, that shows pride in ownership.  Be familiar with the model, so that you can detect any missing parts.  If there is damage you may want to walk away, repairs can be costly.


Are you talking with the original owner?  If not it may be hard to find out how many previous owners there have been, but ask anyway.  Make sure that you have seen the title before you exchange money.  The old saying of “I will mail it to you” is a good sign that they don’t have the title.  Run!

Biker Buddy

It’s good to take a biker friend that can observe the bike and conversation as you talk with the seller.  Then talk in private with your friend, listen to their input about buying or walking away.

Dealership/ Mechanic

Don’t overlook your local dealership for a source to give the bike a once over.  A small fee to them could save you major money on a lemon.  Example of this is we once purchased a used motorcycle online from Colorado.  We had their local Harley dealership pick it up and give us a report for a fee.  It passed all the specs and we bought it.  Had it shipped to Arizona, best decision ever!

New or used it’s up to you, but don’t waste to much time deciding.  The weather is beautiful and the time is right for riding.  Once you find the motorcycle for you, be sure and get a Throttle Rocker to help with those long rides.  It’s a simple device to keep your hand and wrist from getting fatigue or cramping.  Enjoy the ride!