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Motorcycling: Find an Event to Support!

By April 21, 2017No Comments

The spring of a new year and excitement is in the air!  Where are you going to ride to this year?  Why not find a motorcycle event to support? Have you checked out the local rallies or motorcycle runs for your area?  Each year as we get a little older our tastes may have changed a bit about what is important to us.  So the questions come up:

What motorcycle rally or run would I like to support?

Any new group of riders I would like to get to know better?

How can I help with a fundraiser?

For a good cause…

Being a tad bit older we have found that some of the local rallies we like to support have to do with children or social issues.  One in our area is the “Brittany Ride for St. Jude”.  It is organized by a mother who lost her daughter to cancer.  During her fight against cancer the St Jude Hospital for children was a great source of help.  So each year she raises money by way of a motorcycle rally for St Jude, truly an inspiration and a pleasure to support.  Here is a link to their Facebook page: Brittney Ride Facebook Page

Another amazing woman is Lauren Trantham with “Ride My Road”, she is raising awareness to the plight of sex trafficking of women.  We are more than happy to support her as she travels across the globe bringing awareness to this cause.  Here is a link to her website: Ride My Road.

A rally we like…

One of our favorite rallies to attend is the BMW Owners Rally.  This year’s event is in Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you have ever had the opportunity to attend a BMW rally, national or regional, you couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people.  They come from all over the world, riding their motorcycles hundreds if not thousands of miles.  These men and women are hardcore riders.  It is a well organized event, with giveaways and tips for the rider.  On site camping is available and daily rides are scheduled for your enjoyment.  They even have maintenance vendors there to help with repairs or new tires!

With a few strokes of the keyboard or a visit to you local motorcycle shop you can find a number of rides or events in your area.  So get out there and enjoy the ride and fellowship with others.  As you do, don’t forget to take your Throttle Rocker so that you can ride pain-free!