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Waking up to Spring Riding!

By March 8, 2017No Comments

Spring is here, 2 questions for you…Is your motorcycle ready and are you physically ready to ride?  No doubt, you put your baby to sleep for the winter and it won’t take long to get her ready to roll.  But how about you, does your body need a tune up? Are you ready for motorcycle riding in spring?

Riding can be physically challenging, it takes endurance and stamina to stay in the saddle.  For some the thought of exercise is not appealing but maybe try some of these suggestions.

Some simple exercisessunset-summer-motorcycle

Why not start out with a good paced walk, enjoy the fresh air.  It’s good to start slow and try to work up to a good aerobic workout.

Another area to get your muscles toned up is weight training. As a rider you will be using your knee muscles and thigh muscles to maneuver your bike.  Actually, riding your bike will help to strengthen your knee muscles.   Every time you push your bike back to park it requires strong thigh muscles.

Core strength is another area that needs attention.  Strong abdominal and back muscles are essential, they will prevent an aching back.  We know there are easier ways to get a six pack but we will save that for another article.

Improving your neck muscles will aid with the extra weight of that helmet.  When no one is looking try wearing your helmet around the house.  Give your neck some time to adjust to that extra weight.  Plus if you fall down in the house, hey you’re protected!

We all know that riding your motorcycle helps a person both mentally and physically.  Now that the riding season is starting for most of us, start slow and prepare yourself.  Have you given any thought to getting a left handed Throttle Rocker for a palm rest?  We have been getting some great feedback from our customers who have a Throttle Rocker on both grips.  Check out our facebook page for updates and customer comments!  Springs is here…let’s ride!