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Riding in Good Weather that Turns Bad

By March 1, 2017No Comments

It’s starting to look like Spring!  Can’t wait to get on your motorcycle and dust the cobwebs off?  Go for it!  However your life experiences tell you to be prepared for the unexpected.  Such as a little rain or a bike that is not completely pre-checked to ride.  Here’s what to do if it turns into one of those days.

Some Options

Motorcyclist on mountainous highwayIf the sprinkle of rain turns into a storm you can either ride for home or hide out.

If you decide to head for home hopefully you packed some rain gear.  You should also have some nice tread on those tires if you make the run.  Take it slow and remember your vision will be impaired.  Be aware of those in a cage that may not see you, especially at night.  Leave extra space between the car in front of you, sometimes you can even ride in their tracks.  Some food for thought: if you wear glasses or a full face helmet it may fog up and blind you from seeing anything.

No shame in waiting it out.  If you are so inclined, do so before you get drenched and are chilled.  Take cover in the nearest shelter ie; sports bar, overpass, or motorcycle shop. No one likes the smell of wet leather.  Have the name of a good buddy who will come pick you up and buy him or her dinner, can’t beat that.

Before you go

Everyone, well almost everyone, these days has a smart phone.  Download a good weather app that is easy to use.  Cell service is pretty good these days but it doesn’t hurt to check every now and then for service.  This will come in handy just in case you need to call for a ride or check the weather.

Spring is coming so let’s get out there and ride.  Might be a good time to pack an extra Throttle Rocker for each grip, right and left. You don’t want to get hand fatigue.  Enjoy the ride!