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As a motorcycle lover there may come a time to decide if you are going to trailer your motorcycle or maybe hitch it to the motor home to take it to your destination.  The hardcore rider will ride their motorcycle rain or shine, day or night to the end of the line.  However there are advantages to trailering your motorcycle at some point along the way. 

Why trailer or hitch your motorcycle?

  • Motorhome : maybe your rooming for the night.
  • Weather does not permit you to ride.
  • Older ( not to be confused with ‘old’) age requires a break from long rides.
  • Disability may demand shorter time on the motorcycle.

Whatever the reason, you may need a trailer at some time in your riding life.  So what are the options.

Hitch Mounted:  See your local recreational dealer for the advice and options.

 Enclosed trailers

  • Add security from the following:
  • Weather
  • People
  • Road debris (rocks, tires, trash)
  • Options that you can include:
  • Cabinets
  • Tools
  • Aluminum siding and wheels
  • Solid ramps
  • Customize paint or diamond plating
  • Helmet rack
  • Dual axle

   Open trailers:  

  • Less expensive
  • Show off your motorcycle
  • Ease of loading
  • Smaller turning radius
  • Tilting or ramp

Motorcycle trailer rentals are available from U-Haul as well.

Accessories that you may want to add on depend on the budget and your style.  Of course on the open trailer you will need a wheel chock.  This will help stabilize your motorcycle so it can be strapped down.  They can be easily removed for versatility.  Check to make sure it will accept your wheel size. 

Be sure to get the proper trailer for the size of your motorcycle!  You will need to know the weight and tire capacity on the trailer.   Does the trailer have adjustable tracks to accommodate anything from cruisers to dirt bikes? 

Prices can be found from $1500.00 up to $10,000.00 for new trailers.  Bargain hunters can search online sites like craigslist, facebook marketplace, letgo and etc. for used trailers.  However be smart and check the tire date code to make sure they are safe.

Have fun finding your next trailer and remember to “Enjoy the Ride” on your motorcycle, where ever your travels take you!

The Throttle Rocker Team!