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Get out of town! See Highway 60 in Arizona

By October 27, 2017No Comments

Here in Oregon fall is hitting and the weather remains pretty nice, but in just a short time the weather will change here. Winter will be upon us soon, which is not ideal if you are itching for a good run on the motorcycle. For those of us that do not have children it could be the perfect time to get out of town. The lower portion of the United States has fairly temperate weather this time of year (just ask any snow bird). Here are some off-the beaten path stops that we like in Arizona, specifically highway 60.

Highway 60 east of Phoenix

We love the desert, there is just nothing like crisp desert air and wide open skies. Not to mention all the saguaro cacti you can handle. If you have never been on highway 60 out of Phoenix it is worth your time. Heading down the 60 one nice stop is the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. The sheer number of plants is amazing. It isn’t only cactus, but also gigantic eucalyptus trees, a rose garden, and plenty of other things we don’t know the name of. We even saw a Gila monster once slowly lumbering across our path. Of course should you see one of these do not by any means touch it. They are venomous and the bite can be very painful according to National Geographic.

Town of Superior

This is a pretty neat town. It’s an old mining town and it is small, all of which are reasons we love it. If you are hungry we highly recommend Jade Grill. It sounds odd recommending an Asian restaurant in the middle of the Sonoran desert but for us it has been the best Asian restaurant we have ever eaten at. It isn’t one particular type of Asian food but, really a collection of different styles of food.  The Asian beef noodle salad is particularly good and the vegetables are perfectly cooked.

If you are just itching for a more challenging hike, than maybe the walk through the arboretum, then you could give Picket Post a try. You see it before you get to the town, you can’t really miss it. The view from the top is amazing. It doesn’t look especially tough from the road, but it is, so be prepared with plenty of water, snacks, and some good hiking shoes. Start early too because the heat has a way of sneaking up on you. In parts there isn’t really a trail so be prepared and don’t underestimate this mountain. I did once and took a nasty spill coming down, so be careful!

The Road to Globe

Continuing east right out of Superior you will be in an awesome canyon. The rocks stick up in jagged shards all over the place.  There are some pull outs to take some pictures too. You should continue on to Globe even if doesn’t seem like much, it has it’s own charm. At least give the Pickle Barrel a try. It’s a really unique shopping experience. Even if you don’t have much room on the Bike it’s worth a look.

These are the parts of Arizona we are really attached to. We hope you find the time to break out your motorcycle and hit highway 60 if you are in Arizona.

Happy Riding!

The Throttle Rocker Team