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Enjoy a Conversation with Your Fellow Riders

By October 2, 2017No Comments
On a Clear Day

It’s a beautiful sunny, crisp day at Crater Lake National Park, what a great day to enjoy life.  Glancing around you see people from all walks of life.  Chattering in different languages and dressed in pants, skirts, and leathers.  But what catches my eye are those who have chosen to visit on their motorcycles.  On this day I spied a couple of BMWs, Gold Wings, and of course Harleys.  Today was kind of cool because most everyone rode up as couples.  They were taking their time to see creation together.

Being the conservationist that I am, I let them know how nice it is to see them make the journey together on their motorcycle rather than each riding solo.  Everyone was friendly and loved to talk about their motorcycles and the places they are riding to and from.  Very few have trailered their motorcycle, most I’ve spoken to have all ridden them from home.  These are diehard riders who enjoy traveling the states by motorcycle.

One couple was covering all 50 states, truly a bucket list getting completed.  They were dressed in leathers and had helmets with an intercom system; all their needs were packed into a small trailer they were pulling.  This awesome couple was in their late 60’s too!

What I Have Found

Throughout the years I have found that motorcyclist are the friendliest people.  Some may look rough with all the tattoos and skulls, but in reality they are softies.   A real conversation starter is “nice bike”.  Which is usually always true, very seldom will you find a biker who does not wash and polish their bike.  Their bikes are a part of them, their babies, so they are well taken care of.

It’s fun to hear the stories of fellow riders and the places they have come from or are going to.  You will not be disappointed once you start the conversation and you will always learn something new.  So take the time and say “nice bike”!

The Throttle Rocker Team “An Easy Ride In The Palm Of Your Hand”