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Support Your Local Motorcycle Shop!

By January 9, 2017No Comments

How many of us shop on online? Seems like a silly question, but with the convenience of shopping online we can, at times, neglect our local motorcycle shop. We hear it a lot, shop local. Why not make it more than just a hollow phrase?

The Benefits:

More of the money stays in your community. One figure we found on USA today stated that for every $100.00 you spend at a local store,  $68.00 goes back to your community.  Compare that with a chain store in which only $43.00 remains. 

You get to help a local motorcycle shop thrive. Sometimes we might feel that we are getting a better deal at a chain or online, but think of what that motorcycle shop brings to your town. What would your town be like without it? Besides, the prices might just be better than you think. The customer service could possibly be better too. Your purchase means a lot to them and they want you to keep coming back.

There is the potential to become a regular. If you find a shop you really love then you get to have the awesome feeling of being a regular. You know them, they know you.  That sense of community is pretty special and if you are a regular you will more than likely be treated pretty good.

Speaking of community, at these local mom & pop shops you might just meet some like minded motorcycle enthusiast.  What could be better than that?

Realistically Speaking:

These are just a few benefits that come with shopping local.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with shopping at a chain or online, but why not, every once in a while, check out your local motorcycle shop? It could just benefit you and your community. Check out our store locator on to find a shop near you.