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A Quick Guide to Motorcycle Types

We thought it might be handy to compile a quick guide to motorcycle types for those just getting in to the vast world of motorcycles. We all have to start somewhere and there are a lot of types of motorcycles. Here is a quick overview to help you get started.

Adventure Bike

These are similar to the dual sport (see below) in that they can ideally do both on road and off road riding. The Adventure bike, though, is supposed to be able to be ridden comfortably for a distance.


Sounds more like a piece of fishing tackle but it is also a stripped down motorcycle, with a lot of unnecessary items removed and the fenders are either shortened or, in some, cases removed.

Café Racer

Not the most comfortable looking of all motorcycles but that isn’t really the point of these bikes.  They are meant for going fast with the rider leaning very far forward. Your body is nearly touching the gas tank.


You have seen a million of these, especially when the weather gets nice. A cruiser does just what the name says it does you cruise around on it. You sit more upright and none of this lean forward racing position stuff. Harley is one motorcycle that comes to mind for a typical cruiser.

Dual Sport

Essentially, this is a street legal dirt bike. It has the attributes of a dirt bike. It also has attributes, like a headlight, that make it legal to drive on the road.


A scrambler is essentially an on road and somewhat off-road bike. Their exhaust is higher up the bike (which makes sense for off-roading) and they have other qualities which makes some off-roading possible.


A basic straightforward motorcycle. You sit upright on the bike and there aren’t a lot frills such, as at times, a windshield. A Triumph Bonnevile is a good example of this.

This is just a quick list. We hope it helps if you are new to the vast world of motorcycles.  Also, don’t forget your Throttle Rocker when you hit the open road to make your ride just that much more comfortable.