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Motorcycle Scenic Routes

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Biker rides a motorcycle in the rain. First-person view.Our Favorite Motorcycle Scenic Routes

America is a beautiful country, with many scenic routes in every state across the land. It’s hard to pick only a few, but here are some favorites when taking your motorcycle out for a spin to enjoy the sights.

Pacific Coast Highway

This 550-mile road hugs the California coastline nearly in its entirety, and features magnificent vistas of the Pacific Ocean, quaint seaside hamlets, and long stretches of road perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts.

George Washington Highway

Otherwise known as US Highway 50, this byway starts in Grafton West Virginia, and twists and turns (a lot) to the Western edge of Maryland right through to West Virginia again, ending in Mount Storm. Stop on your way at Cathedral State Park.

Seven Mile Bridge

This historic bridge in the Florida Keys spans the distance between the Middle Keys (Knight’s Key) all the way down to the Lower Keys (Duck Key), surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful water. When it was constructed, it was one of the longest bridges at the time. There is a separate bridge for bikes and pedestrians.

The Hana Highway

In Hawaii – a land where there are picturesque views everywhere you turn – this 52-mile winding road offers some of the best photo opps ever. It’s narrow, so you have to take it slow (30 MPH on average), but you won’t mind.

The Loess Hills Trail

This interesting 200-mile byway traces the western border of Iowa, and is flanked by Loess Hills, which are basically land formations made of wind-blown silt. The beautiful foliage and flora classifies this area as a National Natural Landmark. It’s especially lovely in the Fall.

Haines Highway

This highway traverses through the most beautiful part of Alaska, connecting Haines, Alaska with Haines Junction, Yukon in Canada. What makes this road extraordinary is your opportunity to spot many varieties of wildlife, including the world’s biggest collection of bald eagles.

Route 66

Dubbed “The Mother Road” in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, this 2,000-mile historic roadway stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles, with some of the best representations of classic Americana and diners all along the way.

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