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A motorcyclist in need? Give him a hand!

By June 30, 2016March 24th, 2017No Comments

Biker and motorcycle on the road at sunsetIt is impressive that even motorcyclist benefit from all the technological development of the 21st century. This even changed people’s attitude towards stranded rider’s. Back in the day, motorcycles weren’t that reliable and mechanical problems occurred more often.

However, there are some cases where a stranded rider seriously needs a hand. Do you help a fellow motorcyclist when you see them on the road? Maybe the problem is not mechanical, but rather a medical one. Or maybe you are too paranoid and you are concerned about your security.  No matter what, have in mind that there still are issues which aren’t easily solved just by having a smartphone. The rider’s smartphone battery might be empty and there are still cases of flat tires or gas shortage. On the other hand, maybe the rider hadn’t been using Throttle Rocker and got exhausted, so he’s resting a bit. There are no universal answers to the question whether you should stop and help an apparently stranded rider or not. It is up to you to judge the situation, but there are still some indicators by which you can decide what to do.

Motorcyclist in Need Common Gestures

There are some common gestures which indicate that a stranded rider needs help. Certain light signals might be used and the stranded rider might simply wave with his hands to passing riders. Of course, that is easy to notice and a sure sign the rider needs help. In some regions, it is common that the passing rider gives a thumb-up signal after noticing a stranded rider. When a stranded rider needs help, he will return a thumb-down gesture. If he doesn’t need help, he returns the thumb-up signal.

If the stranded rider is medically injured, such things are usually apparent, especially if the injury is severe. Do not hesitate to help in such a situation. You should be especially careful at night, because those who wish to ambush and steal from bypassing riders usually act when the visibility is low.

In spite of all the indicators, it is hard to give a universal answer. Stay alert all the time but stay optimistic, there are still a lot of brotherly feelings among fellow motorcyclists. That is why you are likely to help and be helped.

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