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Weird and Wonderful Motorcycle World Records

By November 22, 2017No Comments

A little while ago we were writing up a brief history of the Royal Enfield motorcycle. One fun fact we came across was the most people ever on one motorcycle was accomplished on a Royal Enfield. But scanning the news this morning we saw that record has now been broken, which has gotten us to wondering what other kinds of weird and wonderful motorcycle records are out there? Here are some we found, and please, please, don’t attempt any of these stunts.

Most people on one motorcycle

The previous record of 56 people set on a Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet was broken. This made us a little sad at first. For some reason we feel some attachment to the Royal Enfield, even though we have never ridden one.  But, happily, from what we have read the new record of 58 was also set on a Royal Enfield, so all is well! You can find the full story at

Motorcycle Speed Record

According to Guinness World Records this amazing record was achieved at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah by Rocky Robinson reaching an impressive average of 376.363 miles per hour. That number makes our heads swim. At one point in the video it looks a lot like the Starship Enterprise achieving warp speed!

Longest Time Balancing a Motorcycle on the Head

We can’t help but wonder how this idea came about. Man walks by a motorcycle, has a look at it and thinks “that would be perfect for my head!”.  Whether he thought that or not, that’s just what Gerard Jessie did. According to How Stuff Works he managed to balance a motorcycle on his head for 14.93 seconds! In the video we were very thankful to see he had spotters to help him.

This has been just a brief trip into motorcycle world records.  It’s fascinating to see what people come up with when they are intent on breaking a record of some kind and you have to admire the tenacity it takes to break those records.

Happy Riding!

The Throttle Rocker Team