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Easy Riders Bike Show

By January 15, 2016January 22nd, 2016No Comments

RIGA - MARCH 16: Motorcycle Season opening parade with thousands of participants. April 24, 2010, Riga, Latvia.January 9-10- Sacramento, CA
January 16-Long Beach, CA
January 23- Charlotte, NC
February 6- Nashville, TN

Are you a fan of all things motorcycles? Do you love to ride the roads with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back? Perhaps you need to take part in the 2016 Easy Riders Bike Show Tour. This tour allows you to visit multiple spots throughout the United States that you can connect with other riders, view a plethora of different bikes, and just hang out with some of the coolest and most diverse people you will ever see. Stretching from one coast to the next, the bike show tour will take you on the road trip of a lifetime.

Starting in Sacramento, California, you can meet the actor from Sons of Anarchy, Rusty Coones. He will be signing autographs and taking pictures every Saturday throughout the tour, at all the stops that are listed. Throughout the tour, you will also be able to meet the Purrfect Anglez from “Full Throttle Saloon” and “America’s Got Talent”. They will also be on every tour stop from beginning to end.

After Sacramento, the tour will stop in Long Beach California before heading east. By February, you will be in North Carolina for a weekend before heading back west to Nashville and then up to Columbus Ohio, rounding out the tour. You can also watch  Fryed Brothers Band, America’s greatest biker band, on the stops as well. Not to mention, you can also sign up to win a GEICO bike in the giveaway drawing. Along the tour, see some of the industry’s top vendors and all that they have to sell this upcoming year. You will be amazed at everything there is to see. Not to mention, you can see some great spots in the United States along the way.

Being on a bike from California to North Carolina will be a long ride, but you can make it a bit easier by using the Throttle Rocker for your bike. Stop getting those nasty hand cramps on long trips. This little guy from will take that away. Just slip it on your bike’s throttle and relieve some of that pressure you put on yourself to keep the bike going the whole way. This handy cruise assist will help you keep your sanity during the very long road trip east. You will be amazed at just how well it works. When you stop at each of your tour stops for the show, you can thoroughly enjoy it without a hand cramp.

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